Groom's Dinner Invitations: Basic Invite by Courtney Reigh

I’m going to be honest with you - my wedding planning strategy could probably be defined as “easy breezy but damn organized.” So I can tell you every person who’s attending our groom’s dinner, what we’re all eating, how many gifts we’re giving our friends and family and what I’ll be drinking (champagne, of course!)

But the decor? Wasn’t even a blip on our radar. We’ve got food and booze and our favorite folks, what more do we need?

Truthfully, I really didn’t anticipate doing anything all that special for the groom’s dinner…I know! I’m sure all the cool brides are shaking their heads at me or something. Our groom’s dinner venue is a gorgeous place on the lake, and I honestly put my focus more into the day itself. I’ve certainly been to groom’s dinners where the bride and groom have outdone themselves with the decor, and I bow down to them! But for us, it just wasn’t something we decided to spend a lot of time on (remember my wedding post here? Yep, one less thing to worry about!)

But then the gals over at Basic Invite reached out to me, and goodness gracious am I happy they did.

Basic Invite has been creating the perfect card for every event since 2006. No seriously - their team is able to provide limitless options that allow you to instantly create a card that’s perfect for you. In addition to having more than 180 color options for invitations, they also have more than 40 envelope colors and allow couples to truly customize every aspect of their custom piece of stationery.

Since Hayden and I hadn’t put any thought into our rehearsal dinner, their team made a few really great suggestions to us, including custom coasters, logo stickers and a special groom’s dinner guest book. But we both fell for their clear menus and place cards.

Especially since we hadn’t intended on doing much (if anything) for our groom’s dinner decor, clear menus and place cards for each guest felt like the perfect touch to an easy, breezy dinner on the lake. We received them in the mail last week and can’t stop looking at them! They’re absolutely perfect.


If you’re looking for stationery for your wedding, we’re swooning over their wedding invitations and save the dates (we already had ours picked out at the time, but give them a serious look, they’re gorgeous!) And because they’re truly customizable, you know you’ll be getting exactly what you want.

In addition to being truly customizable, Basic Invite really allows couples to feel confident when planning a wedding using their products. I felt so supported during my entire time working with them, and it’s definitely because of this list of things they do for their customers:

  • More than 1,000 wedding invitation sets (Hayden and I used a wedding set for our wedding day, and it was one of the best things we did). You can find everything from save the dates to wedding invitations and enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs and matching thank you cards. It’s so incredible to be able to see so many of your wedding details coincide together, and it makes planning everything else so much easier. They make free wedding websites, too!

  • Instant previews! You’re able to preview each of the edits you’re making to your wedding invitations or stationery. This is a game changer for impatient people like me, let me tell you!

  • Say it with me - CUSTOM SAMPLES. That’s right, if you want to see how a piece of stationery will look with your names, colors and wedding details, go for it and order it! It’s so nice to see your design in real life before spending hundreds of dollars on a custom order. Trust me, seeing the stationery, feeling the paper and getting comfortable with the envelope and enclosures is so valuable.

  • The game changer of all game changers - address collection service! Basic Invite has a free address collection service to request your addresses from your guests online with just three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses and get free envelope printing. 

The gals over at Basic Invite let me know that they’re currently offering 15% off orders! Use the code 15FF51 at checkout, easy peasy. A big thank you to Basic Invite for reaching out regarding their clear stationery, we can’t wait celebrate in style at our rehearsal dinner!

Long Weekend in LA: Guide by Courtney Reigh

Hi babes! I hope you’re having the very best week!

If you’ve followed me on Twentyapolis, Mountain Shadow Morning or my Instagram account, you know that traveling is a priority for me. I’ve been so lucky to travel to see my friends and teach yoga, and am continuing to make traveling with Hayden and close friends a priority as we reach our 30s.

This past weekend, I put my out of office on for a few days in LA with two of my girlfriends. If you haven’t been to LA before, I highly recommend you put it near the top of your list.

What I like about LA is you can make your trip into whatever you want it to be. Want a weekend at the beach? Done. Interested in visiting the well-known Hollywood spots? Can do. Want to feel alive and vibrant in Downtown LA? Absolutely. Is sunshine, yoga and happy hour on rooftop patios calling your name? Why yes. It’s incredible all of the different weekend trips you can take within the same city.

Naturally, we went the sunshine, yoga and happy hour route. Truth be told, I wish we’d had at least one more day on our trip (we arrived late Thursday and left early Sunday). I’d recommend giving yourself as much time as you can to enjoy the city - seriously, I’m already planning our next trip back (Hayden, you’re coming with!)

We stayed in West Hollywood and spent most of our time there, as well as in the Beverly Grove and Hollywood Hills neighborhoods. We loved the vibe of these neighborhoods, how walkable they are and how many of our favorite shops and restaurants were in such close proximity to one-another. Plus, there’s great hiking and fitness classes, both of which we did on our trip.

If you’ve been to LA and have go-to spots you’d recommend, please list them in the comments! I’m already homesick for that lovely city and can’t wait to go back.




Whenever I travel, I almost always book an AirBNB. It’s nice to have space when you travel, and a kitchen is a necessity (especially when I travel with Hayden). We wanted a little bit more space during our time in LA, and a kitchen sounded great (I’ll note though…we didn’t actually use the kitchen on this trip at all - way too much good food in LA!)

We stayed in a cute, mid-century modern apartment that’s part of the Hollywood Hills Hotel. It’s up on a hill in the northern part of West Hollywood, which is a bit confusing to get to (especially if you arrive at night like we did). But in the morning, we woke up to the most incredible view of LA! It was such a great surprise. The price was equally as incredible - we paid less than $160/night for this two bed beauty. I actually thought that many of the AirBNBs in the neighborhoods we like were really affordable - we definitely felt like we had options when choosing a place to stay. The apartment was perfect for the three days we were there, and the pool was a bonus (more on that below).



Y7 Studio

I’ve been following (and basically fangirling) over Y7 Studio over the past year, and getting in to their 9 am WeFlowHard Vinyasa class on Friday afternoon was honestly a bit of a dream. The yoga was so damn good - the instructor was CorePower trained, so we knew exactly what to expect (and honestly, I was feeling muscles in my back a few days later!) She also couldn’t have been any sweeter (if you’re in the area, take her class - Sam D!) The concierge couldn’t have been any nicer either (she told us we needed a photo under the Namastizzle sign and took it for us!) The studio itself is a freaking dream (hello Namastizzle neon sign, “A Tribe Called Sweat” wall and hip hop references everywhere). It was the best way we could have started our LA trip, and I’m sending as many good vibes to the Y7 leadership team as I can to get them to open a studio here.


Griffith Park

We also went on a hike in Griffith Park, which was the perfect way to get outside and sweat out the rose from the night before. We hiked a 5 mile loop trail to see the Hollywood sign (not as touristy as you’d think, actually!) To top it off, the Hollywood Hills neighborhood couldn’t be cuter - so many groovy LA homes with flowers, succulents an palm trees.

We treated ourselves to green juice at Press Brothers Juicery & Kitchen after our hike (much needed). GET THE VITALITY SMOOTHIE. And if you’re feeling wild, get the Endurance shot - holy smokes that was weird.



Shopping is always a necessity on a girl’s trip, but honestly, our suitcases were pretty full and we mostly wanted to sip rose outside and catch up as much as possible. However, we did find time to stop at Glossier on Melrose Place, and it was honestly one of the highlights of the trip for me (trust me, I know how insane this sounds). We had just come from Y7, so I was on a total yoga high and my endorphins loved everything about Glossier. The Glossier Canyon (yes, that’s a thing), the badass babes running the shop, the millennial pink everything and of course the product, I was in beauty heaven. I’m currently obsessed by the Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Zit Stick (yep, that’s right) and Rose Balm Dotcom.



And of course, head to a pool if you’re able to while in LA. For our group, a pool was a requirement for this trip, even though we only spent about three hours there on Friday afternoon. When it’s 77 degrees and sunny, there’s just no better spot to be!

Our AirBNB came with shared pool access, and we were the only guests there (which was so nice). It had a Japanese vibe to it (more on that below), which made us feel like we were in Tokyo in the middle of LA. They had a huge floatie that we used while listening to music and sipping rose - highly recommend!



Alfred and Night + Market

After getting in to LA late, we needed coffee first thing in the morning. Alfred Coffee on Melrose is a super cute little shop with a great coconut milk latte. Important to note, the shop is super Instagrammable (hey, it’s LA, everyone’s doing it). Don’t forget to snap a pic by the green ivy wall down the street.

We grabbed Night + Market for dinner one night - highly recommend it! They specialize in Thai street food and are well-liked by celebrities, according to our server (hey, Chrissy Teigen). The atmosphere is authentic and the food was damn good. Make a reservation though!


Gracias Madre

We grabbed lunch at Gracias Madre and wow would I recommend it. The restaurant is Mexican and plant-based - none of us are vegetarians, and we absolutely loved it. Especially having been veg/vegan previously, having access to killer plant-based restaurants is a total score.

The inside is gorgeous, as is their patio (which I’d recommend sitting on - it’s shaded and full of greenery). If you’re unsure of the menu, get the Dos bowl - I’m honestly sill dreaming about it.


E.P. & L. P.

If you’re looking for a great rooftop patio, head to E.P. & L.P. We went for happy hour and were able to get a corner table with one hell of a view (hello, cotton candy skies). Yes, this might have been because we visited during Coachella weekend…

Just as great as the view is the happy hour - even on a Friday night, their happy hour ran from 5-7 pm. We sipped $5 classes of wine and snacked on tacos, waffle fries and caramel popcorn for less than that. This is as good as any happy hour I’ve seen in Minneapolis/St. Paul!


Petty Cash Taqueria

I don’t think you can head to LA without getting tacos somewhere (they’re really not hard to find). We headed to Petty Cash Taqueria for our taco fix.

They had great cocktails, killer tacos and nachos (kale and cauliflower nachos are LIFE CHANGING) and a super great staff (we adored our server). Plus, we couldn’t get over the cool atmosphere of the restaurant, which is full of skylights and open windows.

We also heard they have a killer happy hour, check it out if you can, and don’t forget to make a reservation!



Our AirBNB was on the same property as Yamashiro, which truly does boast the best view in all of LA (it sounded like everyone knows that you come here for one of the hands-down best views, it’s not just our opinion!)

The entire building is Japanese, complete with pagodas, buddhas and a gorgeous courtyard garden. It has a really rich and interesting history. Also important to note, they have incredible sushi (you NEED to order the sticky rice). The staff was also incredible and made us feel right at home. I’d recommend going right when they open at 5 pm and sitting in the bar, or plan on making a reservation.